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Daniel Trulson, Auroville, INDIA

When I started working with Ashaman I had very little experience in health and fitness. His clear and patient guidance changed my life massively for the better. I’m stronger and more connected to my body then ever before and I have a new found love for daily movement. Thanks coach!

S. G., San Francisco, USA

No one has positively impacted my health more than Ashaman - not even close.  Ashaman designed a simple workout plan for me that allowed me to achieve my physical fitness goals in a surprisingly efficient way, and for that I will be forever grateful!

PEDRO FERNANDEZ JABALERA, CEO Shensations, Terapéuta Integrativo

Sevilla, SPAIN

Gran profesional que aúna e integra la sabiduría de oriente y occidente. Tremendamente técnico. En sus tratamientos siempre están presentes el cuerpo, la mente y el espíritu. El profesional más adecuado para avanzar en la vida. Te ayuda a obtener los mejores resultados. Muy recomendable.


I am an 85 year old woman. My goal is to keep on being able to walk independently and keep my balance (no more falling down).  Core strength and flexibility are important too. 

It’s delightful to find a fitness coach who is knowledgeable about older bodies as well as the fit young ones! Who is willing to  support me with my goals. Ashaman has created a regime for me that I can do; all I have to do is make a date with myself, show up for it and breathe through the movements.  It feels good to do them, I can feel that I’m working out. Ashaman gets my stamp of approval!   

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