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ATG Coaching

ATG has become synonymous with a long list of miraculous sounding knee recovery stories, where the medical prognosis was dire, notably in the case of high profile athletes.  Ben Patrick, the "KneesOverToesGuy" of YouTube fame, and Keegan Smith have pioneered a system for "bulletproofing" joints and enhancing athletic ability for all ages and abilities.  This system scales from senior citizen to elite athlete, and is rapidly gaining recognition amongst elite sport teams the world over.  I have been using the ATG system with excellent results for myself and my clients.  

I am one of only 60 Level 2 coaches worldwide, and am currently the only qualified ATG representative in Spain.  I work with athletes as well as the general population, using incremental progressions to strengthen, stabilize, reduce pain, and measurably increase performance .  

Contact me to see how you can benefit from this progressive system for gaining results in ability at all levels.


Scales to all levels.  You can regain full range of motion and pain-free ability.  Start strengthening through length now.


Pain-Free ability at all levels and ages.  Corrective exercise to return youth, stablility and mobility to your body!

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